University of Sydney

Ruth PhillipsRuth Phillips is currently Associate Dean, Research Education in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. As of 2019, Ruth will be the President of the International Society for Third Sector Research.
Ruth’s background is in social policy and political science; she has supervised research students conducting research on the third sector, particularly in South-East and East Asia, where she has expertise in the third sector and welfare states, and a personal research focus on the role of feminism, women’s activism in the third sector. Ruth has been an active member of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) for 16 years, is now a board member, and has been a member of Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Research (ANZTSR) for 12 years. She was co-editor of Third Sector Review from 2010-2014. Ruth has published research papers in Voluntas, Third Sector Review, Non-Profit Management and Leadership Journal, Critical Social Policy and Feminist Review as well as a number of book chapters.