Yoojin Koo

University of Tokyo


Yoojin Koo is a project associate professor, East Asian Academy (EAA) for New Liberal Arts, the University of Tokyo. She received her Ph.D. in Liberal Arts from the University of Tokyo. Her research interests cover areas such as Japanese conservative movements, political participation, social movements, civil society, state-society relations. Her published book and articles include Hoshushimin Shakai to Nihon Seiji ― Nippon Kaigi no Dōin to Adobokashi: 1990-2012 (Conservative Civil Society and Japanese Politics ― Mobilization and Advocacy of the Japan Conference: 1990-2012), Tokyo: Seikyusha, 2022, co-authored with Yoshiyuki Aoki, “Transforming Japanese civil society in terms of its functions and action forms: A study on the ‘dual Structure’ and its dismantling,” Citizen & the World, No. 41,2022 [written in Korean], ”A Configurative Approach to Conservative Mobilization in Japan: The Effect of Combining Political Opportunities and Threats,” Japanese Political Science Review, Vol. 5, 2020.