Udan Fernando

Centre for Poverty Analysis, Sri Lanka


Udan Fernando obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam, in International Development Cooperation. His thesis focused on politics of aid, regarding the Dutch aid system and Sri Lankan NGOs. Udan’s specialization has previously been Law, Economics, Management and Labour Studies. Throughout his career, from Head of the Development Commission of the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (1989-1995), Executive Director of Paltra (gte) Ltd (1996-2001), Guest Researcher at University of Amsterdam (2002-2007), Senior Consultant of Context International, Netherlands (2008-2012) and Executive Director of the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA), a Sri Lankan think-tank (2012-2020) Udan has focused on development cooperation and aid policy in Sri Lanka, Europe, East & West Africa and Southeast Asia.

Udan is currently working as a Consultant with the Association for Asian Studies (AAS), a US-based academic agency with a world-wide membership. At AAS, Udan is working with the project “Developing the Humanities and Social Sciences and Supporting Under-Represented Scholars of Asia”, in Cambodia, Thailand, India, Pakistan and East Timor. Udan is based in Singapore and Sri Lanka.