Naoto Higuchi

Waseda University, Japan

Naoto Higuchi is a professor at Waseda University. He has a PhD in sociology from Hitotsubashi University, Japan. His major research interests are xenophobia, social movements and social capital of migrants. He conducted fieldwork on radical right activists and is now engaged in research on Peruvian migration to Japan and social movements in post-3.11 Japan. He is the author of Japan’s Ultra-Right (Trans Pacific Press, 2016, in Japanese 日本型排外主義――在特会・外国人参政権・東アジア地政学, in Korean 폭주하는 일본의 극우주의――재특회, 왜 재일 코리안을 배척하는가). His books , both edited and co-authored, include 日本のエスニック・ビジネス (Ethnic Businesses in Japan, Sekai Shisosha, 2012), 国境を越える──滞日ムスリム移民の社会学 (Crossing Borders: Sociological Analysis of Muslims in Japan, Seikyusha, 2007), 顔の見えない定住化──日系ブラジル人と国家・市場・移民ネットワーク (Invisible Residents: Japanese Brazilians vis-à-vis State, Market and Migrant Network, University of Nagoya Press, 2005), etc.