Dang Thi Viet Phuong

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences


Dang Thi Viet Phuong is researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, since 2001, and inviting lecturer of the Vietnam-Japan University since 2017.

Her fields of interest include civil society, social welfare and rural development. She has been involved in several international research projects exploring the development of civil society in Vietnam since 2000.

Her most recent publications include: “Vietnam: Child labor in Quarries is a commonplace”, in Walter Eberlei (ed.), Gravestones from children’s hand- child labor in stone quarries of the Global South as a political challenge, Brandes & Apsel (2018); “Vietnam”, in Akihiro Ogawa (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Civil Society in Asia. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group (2017); “Voluntary associations and the construction of social space in Northern Vietnamese rural areas”, in Koichiroh Satoh (ed.) The Transformation of the Economy, Industry, Society and Culture in Vietnam, Senshu University Press (2017); “Vietnamese Civic Organisations: Supporters of or Obstacles to Further Democratisation? Results from an Empirical Survey”, Journal of Current Southeast Asia Affairs, Vol. 35, No. 2 (September 2016); “The collective life: The sociology of voluntary associations in North Vietnamese rural areas”, National University of Hanoi Press (2015).