Asian Civil Society Research Network – Taiwan Charter

Asian Civil Society Research Network – Taiwan Charter (March 2023 – present)

Head: Dr. Herlin Chien

The Asian Civil Society Research Network (ACSRN) – Taiwan Charter was launched in March 2023 to further the efforts and enhance the level of collaboration, foster learning exchanges and cross fertilize ideas between the members and countries.

The ACSRN Taiwan Charter is a knowledge and coordinating hub for services such as studies, advisory, evaluation, and facilitation of civil society related work. It also hosts a portal of civil society resources – papers, books etc., on Asia. The Taiwan Charter initiates activities such as talks, lectures and workshops in Taiwan and other Asian cities in close collaboration with the members of the Asian Civil Society Research Network.   

The ACSRN Taiwan Charter will largely be a virtual outfit with minimum physical infrastructure. Collaborations, joint ventures and sponsorships with local, regional and existing academic institutions and civil society organizations will be sought to mobilize intellectual and financial resources for its work.  

Immediate activities by the ACSRN Taiwan Charter:

  • As part of 2023 Parliamentary Openness and Monitoring Forum (March 14-15, 2023, New Taipei City, Taiwan) – strengthening parliamentary transparency and accountability through citizen participation, Session VI: How to Increase the Buy-In of Public and the Social Impacts of Parliamentary Openness. This was moderated by ACSRN Taiwan Charter Head Dr. Herlin Chien and attended by Dr. Akihiro Ogawa, Chair of ACSRN as a panelist, joined by Member of Parliament from Kosovo, representatives from Open Parliament Indonesia Initiative, Citizen Congress Watch and Watchout in Taiwan. Together, a scholarly book on Parliamentary Monitoring Organization (PMOs) in Asia, will be co-edited by ACSRN Chair Dr. Ogawa and ACSRN Taiwan Charter Head Dr. Chien, along with ACSRN member Dr. Kun-lu Wu.
  • ACSRN Head Dr. Herlin Chien organized a CSW 67 Parallel Event (UN Commission on the Status of Women) on ICT-enabled Women Networking and Participation in Asia on March 11, 2023 where ACSRN member Dr. Yen-wen Peng served as a speaker, joined by representatives from Academy for Gender Parity, Japan, Korea Women’s Political Solidarity and Business and Professional Women, Taiwan. 
  • The Taiwan Charter is preparing a new research in collaboration with local NGOs and experts working on exploring the hunter’s rights and its practical implication on human-nature relationship as part of indigenous rights movement in Taiwan