Civil Society in Myanmar’s New Democracy


Civil Society in Myanmar’s New Democracy

Recent years have witnessed remarkable changes for civil society in Myanmar – from the level of openness in which to operate, to the sector’s role within society, its interaction with policy makers, and its sophistication. Some aspects may be getting easier, some more difficult; and some observe that the operating environment is improving while others raise concern that it is backsliding. But one thing is for certain: that the role, and expectations for and by civil society, are changing.

This conference is an opportunity for civil society leaders, government representatives, academics, donors, and other interested stakeholders to pose and examine the biggest questions concerning civil society in Myanmar to further our thinking on how to participate in and contribute to the sector’s role in Myanmar’s ongoing democratic and economic transition.

The Institute for Political and Civic Engagement (iPACE) is an educational resource for Myanmar’s emerging democratic leaders to develop and increase their knowledge and practical application of fundamental democratic principles while promoting civic engagement to foster more representative and accountable governance. Since its founding in 2012, iPACE has trained over 2,200 participants from 800 civil society organizations and 39 political parties throughout the country. iPACE is made possible through a generous grant from the United States Embassy, Burma and is a program of World Learning.

Gretchen Kunze: presenter; Country Representative and iPACE Director, World Learning Myanmar

For more information about the 2017 Civil Society in Myanmar conference, please visit one of the following links:

Civil Society in Myanmar Conference Agenda (002)

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