Rawin Leelapatana

Chulongkorn University, Thailand


Rawin Leelapatana received a competitive scholarship from the Office of Higher Education Commission to pursue his PhD in law at the University of Bristol, the United Kingdom in 2014. The title of his PhD thesis is The Kelsen-Schmitt Debate and the Use of Emergency Powers in Political Crises in Thailand, supervised by Professor Steven Greer. In November 2018, he received the Anglo-Thai Educational Awards for Academic Excellence, and completed a PhD degree on 23 January 2019. Since his return to Thailand in February 2019, he has worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University.

His two recent international publications include an article with Professor Andrew Harding “Constitution-Making in 21st-Century Thailand: The Continuing Search for a Perfect Constitutional Fit” published in the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law in 2019 and a book chapter “The Thai-style Democracy in post-1932 Thailand and its Challenges: A Quest for Nirvana of Constitutional Saṃsāra in Thai Legal History before 1997” to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2020.